Thursday, April 29, 2010

K9 ChicoDog - Donation #28

Allow me to introduce a hard-working dog - Chico. I wasn't able to take very good photos tonight.

K9 ChicoDog
Donation #28
Oil on Panel
4" x 6"

  • Underwater Detection – International Police Work Dog Association, August 2009
  • DHS/FEMA Canine Search Specialist October 2006, re-cert June 2009
He and his human partner, Susan, are affiliated with:
Thank you ChicoDog and Susan! You are appreciated - and please explain how he does underwater detection? does he have scuba gear?

Now I'm going to go eat a slice of homemade custard pie with fresh strawberries and get to bed - another long day tomorrow!

Live Creatively!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Donation #1 Bear K9 with Dallas P.D.

This is Bear, a Police Dog with Dallas Police Department

German Shepherd
K-9 Officer - Dallas, TX
4" x 6"
Oil on Panel

Bear was born in October 2005, in the Czech Republic. He came to the Dallas Police Department in November 2006. Bear finished his training in May 2007. In less then a year, Bear has located two lost children, apprehended two burglars, a car-jacker, and a suspect wanted for murder.

Thank you very much Sr. Corp. Nails and Bear for your hard work and dedication to keeping us safe.

Response from Sgt. Nails: The portrait you did of Bear is outstanding. Your portrait has captured a likeness of Bear that is remarkable. Thank you