Friday, April 30, 2010

Buddy - Search & Rescue Donation # 29

German Shepherd
4" x 6"
Oil on Panel
Search & Rescue Donation #29

Buddy is certified for Human Remains finds, mostly he works to provide closure for the missing for the families. He is also is qualified to track for missing people, which most of the time it has been for children that tend to wander off. He and his human partner, Ron, the Canine Field Officer, work with Tazewell Emergency Management Agency. Buddy is now 8 years old, and Ron says he is an outstanding dog in what he does.

Thank you Buddy & Ron for your work!

On a technical note, I was not sure how this painting was going to turn out. It seemed like it would be too small to successfully showcase a full-body pose of Buddy. However, I'm really happy with the resulting portrait. It was challenging, but I think the final portrait turned out well.

I have finished all the paintings for my art show - whew! Now all I have to do is frame them all!

I think it's going to be a long weekend :)

Live Creatively!


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